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    Hasty's Anti-Fast Food Packaging
Hasty's Fast Food - Senior Thesis (2011)

Hasty’s is fast food. It is McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, and any other restaurant that comes to mind on the subject of cheap, quick service. It is unhealthy food, billions spent on advertising, and an ever growing, poor influence on society.
Through the creation of Hasty’s, I ask people to look past extra value and catchy marketing gimmicks to examine the truth about the food millions consume daily. Items such as “The Behemoth Burger,” designed in a skull-shaped box, chicken nuggets designed in a coffin-shaped box, and French fries designed in a cigarette box, present the viewer with an overwhelming amount of less than appetizing information, ultimately highlighting the absurdity of fast food. 
French Fry Packaging - Cigarette Box

Chicken Nugget Packaging - Coffin

Burger Packaging - Skull

Nugget Dipping Sauce - Industrial Caulk

Soda Packaging - Drano Poison Bottle

Serving Tray

Take Out Bag

Senior Exhibition