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    Bylectrica naming and brand identity

Bylectrica a new brand of electric appliances. The task was to think out a brand name and visual identity that would be associable with electricity and illumination, would sound and look foreign-like but be clear and comprehensive to native Russian people.

The main concept of Bylectrica style is simplicity. It is the brand for those who wish to arrange the lightening of their home easily and quickly. Bylectrica is so simple and can be found in any electric store.

The logo consists of simplified electric scheme which is set to evoke primary association with electricity, and thereafter identity rules and tricks come to live.
A nice feature - two letters of brand nationality 'ў' and 'i' that can be recognized in the logo only by a native speaker )
Commercial images are kind and hearty, showing the simple features of your special house.
Light and simple corporate documentation and Guidelines
Let the light come to your house!