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Hyundai Capital Delivery Car

Delivery Car by Hyundai Capital
Delivery Car, which stands for 'visiting car sharing', is a shared mobility service that combines the concept of 'delivery' with existing car sharing service and freely accepts and returns anywhere. 

Graphic Renewal Points
Three design principles are established to visually express the brand image of the delivery car.

1. A design that leads the user's favor with bright and positive brand tone & manner.
2. Friendly design to help you easily understand and access the various services of Delivery Car.
3. Design imprinted in the user's memory with consistent graphic motifs that integrate the brand.

Brand Color Renewal
Use only the specified color to build a unified identity for the delivery car.
Blue color is used as the main color, and bright and positive yellow color is used as 
the point color to convey a friendly and warm brand image.​​​​​​​

Brand Typeface Renewal
The English font uses Gotham Rounded Bold, and the Korean font uses the Spoqa Han Sans series. 
When using headline and body, use different font weights.


Brand Iconography Renewal
In order to make it easier for customers to recognize the brand identity of the Delivery Car, the visual identity of the delivery car is consistently applied to the icons in order to build a complete brand identity system.
Brand Logo Renewal
The previous logo was unbalanced and thin in shape, making it difficult to read.
We have enhanced the formative perfection by improving the thickness, balance and center of gravity of the logotype.

Brand Visual Motif - The Digeut (ㄷ) Frame
Digeut Frame, a visual motif extracted from the original ‘ㄷ’ of ‘딜카’ (Korean Hangul), has high applicability and flexibility.
The elegant graphic system reflecting the motif is a frame that contains various contents such as product images and model images.

01 Basic Usage / 02 In-Motif Usage / 03 Crop Usage / 04 Reverse Usage / 05 Out-Motif Usage

Brand Application
Using graphic motifs according to Graphic Renewal Point, we provide users with a consistent brand experience.

Project Direction : Jungyu Park 
Project Management : Dasom Lee
Graphic Design : Geonyong Lee, Cheolgyu Lim, Youngjin Joo

Hyundai Capital
Project Direction : Aran Yoo
Project Management : Minyoung Kang

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Hyundai Capital Delivery Car
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Hyundai Capital Delivery Car

'Delivery-car' is a mobility platform run by Hyundai Capital, which offers a new mobility experience through car-sharing service for a better lif Read More