Sminky Shorts Posters
6-Poster Set Announcing Sminky Animation's First Birthday Bash 
This is a set of posters I made for Sminky Animation, a.k.a. Andrew James, advertising his First Birthday Bash at the Fastnet Short Film Festival 2013.
There are 6 posters in total, each representing a different letter of the name SMINKY. The posters are designed to work on their own as promotional tools, but the cool part is—when joined together in sequence—they create one massive Sminky-themed board game that you can play with your friends (regular or animal, that’s up to you).
Mr. Smink has even been kind enough to provide downloadable player icons and dice on his website, so visit, input the code partytime and get playing. Oh, you will also need to locate and “borrow” each of the 6 posters from locations around Cork City, so good luck with that!
All 6 Posters In Sequence
If you're not familiar with Sminky Shorts I've embedded some of my favourites below.
Possibly NSFW—lots of swear words!