Because they ate a lot
The brand is the union between  junk food present at the cinema,also food loved from the children , and a simple font that is Century Gothic that reminde at the time of vintage cinema.

From here the idea of recreating, through photography, posters of movies that had as main theme the food.
The movie that we choose are:
Chocolat, Dove vai in vacanza? , Pomodori Verdi Fritti, La ricotta, Qualcuno sta uccidendo i grandi cuochi d'Europa, Delicatessen, Una cena quasi perfetta, Pranzo Reale, La grande abbuffata, Quando torna l'inverno e Margiare bere uomo donna.

Here there are the tickets
From here posters on order of eat
In the end we create a book with the new poster on the right when in the left we insert a frame of the movie