Julia Potato          .          Side Project 2019          .          Absolute Color

The project simultaneously talks about my eternal love of color and that I lack tactile sensations both in digital photography and in the digital world around us. I sewed / knitted / dyed the elements of compositions myself, collected and glued collages from magazine clippings on the background. This is my attempt to show the viewer the color, shape and texture hidden in the photo.

Still Life   .   01
It was the first photo in series "Absolute colors". I did most of the props in the photo with my own hands. I really love the yellow color and so the first still life I shone on it. I tried to combine a lot of textures in it.

Still Life   .   02

Frankly, I'm afraid of the green color. This still life is kind of my way to overcome this fear.
It always seemed heavy and difficult for me. But using such different shades of it in this composition,
I became friends with this color.

Still Life   .   03
At first glance it seems that gray is the lack of color. But I think it has his own special character. After all, it can be, like almost white, and plunge into blackness. Creating a gray still life, I used some details dear to my heart, such as, for example, a wine horn presented to me by friends from Georgia.

Still Life   .   04

They say that purple is the most mysterious in the palette. This still life symbolizes for me trying on my inner self. Accepting my creative outlook on the world.

Still Life   .   05

Blue is the color of water, sky, lightness and freedom. Therefore, I made the blue still life airy. Using a sculpture of David's lips as a symbol of breathing and colored balls as bubbles in water.

Still Life   .   06

The last of the pink still life series turned out to be a celebration of color​​​​​​​.

Thank you for watching!

Absolute colors

Absolute colors