• IN.DE is a Research Project for French sporting goods retailer Oxylane (Decathlon) based in Lille, France.
    An alternative sport’s portrait exploring culture, innovation, design and creativity. 2010.
    The research team developed a number of tools to maximise the creative output. Specialized methods ensured inspiring outcomes. From interviewing professionals and specialists to visiting homes of the general public to photographic series for documentations. From ideating through collages to experimenting with colours to testing local practices to collecting smells and objects. The team was able to return with a multi sensorial experience toolkit. The details of the project remain confidential.
  • trendsbook
  • street lettering
  • object bag
  • street usage tests
  • home visits and interviews
  • local flavors
  • local news
  • body morphologies
  • feet traces & shapes
  • skin ranges
  • aroma box
  • sound capture
  • colour extractions
  • chromatic life captures
  • textile selection
  • ideation
  • brainstorming& prototyping workshops

  • Duration : May - July 2010
    Locations : Pune & Mumbai, India
    Company: Oxylane Group (Decathlon)
    Project & Research Manager : 
    Elisa Padrón Olivé, Trends Designer, Oxylane Innovation Hub
    Student Reseach Team : 
    Aakash Dewan, Achile Biteau, Arushi Aggarwal, Prianjali Kapur, Rachana Kakade
    Research Directors:

    Arnault Gournac, Advanced Design Manager, Oxylane
    Vincent Leenhardt, Innovation Director, Oxylane