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Is there any air purifier that matches the interior of the inner room and the sofa in the living room?
Introduce Coway air purifier which uses fabric material harmonize the interior surrounding environment.
Coway's air purifier FAB is different any other air purifier form.
It is designed using the basic elements of dots, lines, and surfaces. 
In a neat and unique form, it becomes an object in its own space.
The vivid orange-red color gives you a vintage feel.
It is suitable for the vintage interior and can be used as a point in a monotonous interior. 
Also, the Blue Color that suits you everywhere and the Light Green Color that gives you a soft feel.
It's highly utilized in the interior.

And the handle in the center of the product increases the mobility of the product.
The operating button is white, the same color as the body of the product, and is designed to contrast the fabric color. ​​​​​​​
It also uses soft rubber materials to provide not only visual comfort but also tactile comfort.

It is a beautiful product from a certain angle.
Because of the basic column shape 
and the design that emphasizes vertical and horizontal lines.

The angle of the air outlet blades of the air purifier is 45 degrees, so air comes out along the wings and breaks into the walls to deliver a wider range of fresh air.
The fabric is an air inlet and has two filtering effects.
A structure designed to allow air to be inhaled by a fabric can be easily replaced by stripping the fabric.
Choose the color you want to buy 
And match to make your own air purifier.
Thank you​​​​​​​

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Coway FAB