It all started with a head I made super-quickly a year ago to showcase masks. I can't remember where I got the inspiration to rework on it but once I started adding more forms and colors I thought I should treat it as a whole bust so I added the upper torso part. I wanted to work with a rich color pallet and an "archaic" reference. I think it is the first sculpture that resembles so strongly my paintings and once it was complete it caused great puzzlement. For days I was looking at it and thinking it was most probably the most odd, unnerving object I have ever made. I placed it in a high spot in the living room and looked at it every day. Artists always make the portraits they make to resemble themselves a little bit. Wanting to put this statement on trial I decided to pose with this head, with my face painted to resemble it. The project was exciting although I always think that using mirrors to photograph one's self is slightly problematic. Here I have included only one of these photographs but you can see more at