A series of illustrations depicting current events that mark change.
New Orleans School District Bans Creationism
Kashmir's First All-Girl Muslim Punk-Rock Band Silenced After Death Threats
Scientists Able to Create Clones of Extinct Animals, Birthed by Closest Related Species
A Change in Landscape:
Florida Man Swallowed By Sinkhole Under His Bedroom
Hugo Chavez:
Venezuelan President Dies at 58
India Passes Stricter Rape Laws in Attempt to Curb the "Rape Epidemic," Laws Continue to Go Unenforced
And With a Poof He's Gone:
Pope Benedict XVI Announces Resignation, Moves Up Date to Allow Himself a Quick Departure After Leaked Papal Documents Reveal a Corrupt Vatican
Flaming Ice:
Japan Successfully Extracts Undersea Flammable Ice For Use as an Energy Source Alternative to Oil
The Future of the Front Lines:
US Military Lifts Ban on Women in Combat, Effective 2016
The Secret Death of Bees:
Neonicotinoid Pesticide that is Absorbed into Plant's Biology is Identified as the Mystery Mass Killer Of Bees