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    decline to state
We be bad bitches 
Lookin so peaceful momma, Imma destroy something. 
So Look, Imma need your help. But its dangerous, you in? 
Whats this box we live in momma? 
Only the princess gets to hold the flower. You are the horse momma. It just wouldn't make sense. I am truly sorry. Perhaps you can be my squire later when I don't desperately need you as transportation. 
Perhaps if you leaned your shoulder a little to the left, I would really feel far more comforable. Quickly, the flowers are waiting. 
Never forget your sillies at home. 
I am baby. You must shift your focus to me. 
You laugh at baby? You have no idea what I'm capable of. 
The benefit of being a baby is I dont know what, "That hurts ", means. 
Its hard to see whats in front of me momma. But I know you'll always be right behind me. 
You just relax there momma. Imma destroy some stuff. 
Will I ever be like you momma? 
Will I ever grow old? Can I be tall like you momma?