With the Creative Direction of Ogilvy Social.Lab Brussels and a successful partnership with Dark Horse Belgium, Playful Direct and Produce a Nespresso Subscription Launch Campaign thanks to the talent of truly 3D Artists all around the world!

We are thrilled to show you one of the most challenging project so far. A Director's Cut where we've selected and curated from a huge bunch of wonderful moving pictures: hero shots, impactful product showcases, tens of eye candy textures all together juxtapose in beautiful design layouts, below the premise of MORE. That's all about this Cut.

We cannot be more happy to finally show you an adventure of 4 months of work for one of the most exquisite and curated brands all around the world.

Thanks for watch.

Elegant Design Layouts / Juxtapositions of attributes, benefits, textures and different resources. The search of balance on each shot. Digital & Real as one. Not as Vs.
A graphic package able to allow the client to speak in different languages and promote in different social media mediums. More than 200 assets delivering.
A result based in the research. The wonders of fails, errors. The magic happens on the process. That's all about.
A curated selection of random shots.
Playful is so grateful with the following credit list of talents. 
Thank you dream team!

Credits list:
Creative Direction: Ogilvy Social. Lab
Creative and Art Direction: Theo Baron
Live Action Production Company: DarkHorse
E.P: Brigitte Baudine
Directed by: Playful
CG Production: Playful
Director: Pablo Alfieri
E.P & CG Coordinator: Agustina Santkovsky
IT & R&D Artist: Matias Furno
Art Director & CG Artist: Diego Diapolo
Edition & Design Layouts: Pablo Alfieri
CG Artists: Diego Diapolo, Francisco Rossi, Sebastian Morales, Pablo Alfieri
R&D Artists: Matias Furno, Dave Stewart, Jose Gallardo, Olivier Jeannel, Diego Diapolo
Product Modelling: Lucas Samoriva
CG Animation: Macs Riedel, Javier Bianchi
Edition: Macs Riedel & Pablo Alfieri
Montage & Post-Production: Pablo Alfieri
Color Grading: Anahi Piccinin
Sound Design by: Smider
Sound Design Artists: Guid Smider & Niccolò Chotkowski
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