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The holidays are never easy, but they are fun.
This special above-the-fold humor article, about the pesky ordinances Santa faces when he delivers presents in Palm Beach, ran on Christmas Eve day, 2009. 
Santa flies into town.
Unfortunately, Palm Beach International Airport is situated right in the middle of town. Santa can't help but disrupt air traffic.
With all the sleigh bells, the neighbors call in a noise complaint. It's the number one late night passtime in Palm Beach.
 Santa has to be careful not to trip any silent alarms in very security conscious Palm Beach mansions.
Meanwhile, Animal Control has their own ideas about eight tiny reindeer. There is an ordinance against farm animals in Palm Beach.
Of course, the ever-present feral cats of Palm Beach find this hilarious.
Santa manages to get a temporary special reindeer exception, but is admonished to make sure and clean up after his pets.
More Palm Beach Holidays
2007 illustration for the 12 Palm Beach Days of Christmas special holiday feature in the Palm Beach Daily News.
Detail, 12 Palm Beach Days of Christmas
Detail, 12 Palm Beach Days of Christmas
The feral cats of Palm Beach made a 2002 appearance in this Palm Beach Daily News editorial cartoon.
It's a little known fact that Santa and Mrs. Claus usually kick back and relax as guests of Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago after Christmas.
In 2008, a new reality version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas premiered.
After a year, not much had changed.
Every other institution we thought we could trust has been a sham. We knew this was coming.
Holiday Classics
Christmas Cheer: This illustration was used for a Soap Opera Magazine holiday subscription ad that basically said give yourself a gift subscription, you deserve it.
A Christmas card illustration for the motivational company Think Big, founded by the Rice brothers, the world's shortest adult twins and self-made millionaires  
Personal and business Christmas card art from David Willson's Artmasters, Inc., Litho pencil and ink on stipple textured glossy paper.
This unpublished cartoon was done after a particularly frustrating week of gift shopping in department stores.
Yes, incentives work for everyone.