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    Novell Sales Enablement User Interface Design
Novell Sales Enablement UI/UX

Novell (now known as Micro Focus) had three different portal sites containing resources for marketing and sales. The challenge was to combine all three sites while accommodating two very different audiences. By working very closely with sales and marketing, we were able to create a site that is practical for both teams. After launching the site, we received rave reviews from everyone involved. 

My Role: UX Designer and Content Strategist
Agency: Axis41
Site Audit and SME Interviews 
Below are some of my notes and sketches informed by a site audit and SME interviews. This lead to the information architecture of the site.

Everything was wireframed before going into high-fidelity designs so we could more quickly iterate and get validation along the way. 

High-Fidelity Designs
Once validated, wireframes evolved into high-fidelity designs, ready for development.