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Hot Salsa


Hot Salsa.
We are proud to announce the release of the first typeface design by the colombian lettering artist Ximena Jiménez in a collaboration with Ale Paul for Sudtipos.

Hot Salsa is a calligraphic script font inspired by the classic, fairly well-made brush letters from the casual signpainting style, mixed with the fast and gestural tags you can find on walls all around the world.

This is a fresh font that allows you to play with its numerous swashes, alternates and ligatures to make it feel more sober or a little flirty depending on your needs.

Hot Salsa started with a brush pen and a lot of paper. These were later re-traced onto many layers of tracing paper with the intention of maintaining the brush pen and handmade feeling while making the structure consistent to ensure its readability and performance.

Enjoy Hot Salsa, a new Sudtipos' font available here.

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Hot Salsa

Hot Salsa

Hot Salsa, a new typeface design with lot of rhythm.