Motion Graphics
After Effects
Directed by Milton Menezes.

Snooze is about breaking the routine and resilience to follow your dreams:
"Keep on doing what you are doing".
To do the things you want to accomplish requires passion and discipline.
The real story about Gabriela, the dancer who works in different places to provide for her daughter. She loves to dance and she dreams about working full time dancing.
Making-of by Rafael Vallaperde

A super ambitious production involving Pre-Production, Filming, HDR Capturing, 3D Scans, Motion Capture, Tracking, Clean-up, 2D and 3D Animation, 3D Simulation, Compositing and Colorimetry.
Costume Design by Giselle Almeida
Storyboard and color keys by Milton Menezes
Marvelous Designer Workflow by Raphael Coppola
Indoor and Outdoor HDR Capturing by Rafael Coppola
Lookdev by Thiago de Sul
Title Design by Raphael Gibara
Snooze Poster by Dieg Barcellos
Special thanks to our dream team at Lightfarm!
Snooze Wallpaper Full HD by Ricardo Daroz
Multiple Owners
Lightfarm Studios