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    Robot Book-comic by John Ottinger
Here are some sample pages of the book!
This is my first prototype of one of my robots "Dweore" !
Hi I need you help.
My Kickstarter is live , it's to fund a book I'm going to premiere at this years San Diego Comic Con.
My daughter Jess wrote the words-pomes and I did the art. She's an aspiring young writer. This is our first book we worked on together. I did 100% of the art on my train ride to work every day for the last year. 

The book dose not have a liner story, it is a series of glimpse of a new place filed with little OCD robots going about there lives. It's up to the reader to decide where the Dweores came from and what there true nature is. I crated this world to inspire peoples creativity, hopefully
the readers will be intrigued and create stories, art or games in this world. Attached is a sample pdf of the book only a few pages and a zip file with a few single pages.
Here's a link to my Kickstater page   Thank you!  John Ottinger  

World's fastest  turtle?  
Raw sketchbook image.
Check out the rest of the videos on my Kickstarter page, Please help me get my book printed ! This is the last week to support my project. 
Thanks, John Ottinger
Here is a link to the Kick page.