Candy Factory
candy factory
adobe creative Cloud, 2019

It Doesn’t Get Any Sweeter. When digital meets analog, foam rubber turns to candy, and stop-motion technique pulls out all the stops, hold out your hand for something tasty: A visual confection from craft queen Cris Wiegandt that leaves you hungry for more. EMEA Studio created an integrated experience for the German Promo-Campaign in April, 2018 including a feature in Create Magazine showcasing Cris Wiegandts life and work in her Berlin studio.


Motion Design & Direction: Cris Wiegandt
Video and Photo: Frank Groll
Creative Director: Daniel Vargas Diaz
Art Direction: Claudia Mühlbauer
Marketing Manager: Katja Dollinger
 Production: Barbi Mlczoch (Cosmopola)

Candy Factory
Multiple Owners
Studio | Europe