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My work explores the limits of the image and perception itself. Where does an image start? Where does it end? How much can you actually take away from it before it dissapears completely?
The Darkness, compositions, are no more than an excuse to surround and highlight a detail, perhaps the esence, eliminating all the noise and excess of information. Inviting us to ask one very simple question: what it’s to “see”?
In all my images you have the “ambiguos right to see or not to see”, always placed in space to walk through, away from walls or any other imposition of sight.
This images have to be discovered while walking, and only pay attention if we find ourselves suprised or “stranged”.
At last all this images are constructed where perception fails and … imagination starts!
"In the presence of deep water you choose your vision, you can see the unmoving bottom or the current, the bank or infinity, just as you wish, you have the ambiguos right to see or not to see" Gaston Bachelard- Water and dreams.


Article sur "L'est Eclaire":  "Romanika, à la recherche de la lumière perdue"