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Make It Immersive - NYC
This summer, Adobe held its first creative summit on immersive media and AR technology, where we delved into the future of this evolving and exciting genre.
We invited 19 artists in the fields of photography, illustration, film, and 3D/immersive to learn how to create experiences in Adobe Aero. In addition, Adobe FrescoAdobe Dimension and beta versions of unreleased applications were demonstrated for artists to use for content creation. 

The roster of artists included:
Jesse Ayala 
Sisa Bueno
Kervin Brisseaux
Sam Brewton
Sam Cannon 
Sougwen Chung
Reese Donohue
Wendy Fok 
Xin Liu
Kristin Lucas
Jon Noorlander 
Gemma O'Brien
Tony Patrick
Elana Schlenker
Victoria Siemer
Kate Stevenson
Jing Wei
Zipeng Zhu

After a whirlwind round of presentations by our talented Adobe designers, product managers, and keynote speakers like Marjan Moghaddam and Jon Han, we gave these artists a challenge: to leverage the New York City theater as their inspiration to "set the stage" for their Adobe Aero experience.
Previous Adobe AR Resident Marjan Moghaddam shares her work and how she's leveraged AR technology
Attendees listen to presentations from their workstation
Artist Sisa Bueno tests out her AR experience
Artist Gemma O'Brien showcases the hand-lettered work she brought into Project Aero
Previous Adobe AR Resident Jon Han showcases his illustration work and experiments in AR
Artist Sam Brewton tests his Adobe Aero experience 
Sr Product Designer Erin Kim teaches attendees how to use Adobe Dimension to create 3D objects for their AR experiences
In addition to intensive working time, we built in a tour of Broadway's historical theaters to get everyone out into the world and inspired to create.
Part of the Make It Immersive crew poses for a post-Broadway tour photo
Below are a few of the finished experiments our artists were able to complete by the end of Make It Immersive. 
By Elana Schlenker
By Jesse Ayala, Reese Donohue, and Xin Liu
By Tony Patrick
Overall, our group of 2D and 3D/AR artists accomplished some pretty amazing experiments and experiences in Adobe Aero, pushing the app to its limits and helping us build the product along the way. Stay tuned for more exciting Adobe Aero updates and announcements! 
Make It Immersive - NYC
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Make It Immersive - NYC

Make It Immersive showcased 19 artists from the fields of design, illustration, photography and AR to test-drive and create in Project Aero, Adob Read More