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    Some documentation while im in Australia.
I visited Australia a couple days ago. I went to largest cities in Australia, which is Melbourne in Victoria and Sydney in New South Wales.
During my holiday, i was capturing how both cities look like in my perspective. The first time i went to Melbourne, is quite a failure. And this time, isn't going pretty well either. Somehow, i found it pretty hard capturing city of Melbourne, even though i really captivated by that city. Melbourne is gloomy during my visit, it's a fall season anyway, on the contrary Sydney sky is pretty bright as usual, blue and vivid. In my opinion, it's easier capturing Sydney rather than Melbourne, it could be possible that i'm more familiar with Sydney than Melbourne. Well, i love both cities, they had their own characteristic like Melbourne with their fascinating classic architecture and their coffee, and Sydney with their Thai and Korean food and lots of building. Here is some photos that i took. Enjoy !
New South Wales