Are you Brave Enough?
Disneyland Paris presents The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ "Are you brave enough?"

The Hollywood Tower Hotel, October 1939, on a stormy night. An elegant woman, a mysterious little girl, a band performing "Are you brave enough", an uncanny bellhop ... The elevator doors open on new dimensions ... the hair-raising horror has just begun. And you, will you be brave enough to enter The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror A New Dimension of Chills?

Senior Manager Production: Nathalie Raverat-Teilhac
Head of Production: Carole Jublot
Producer: Standley Andy
Spectacle: Patrick Aigouy / Matthieu Robin / Matteo Borghi / Amélie Grelier / Adeline Bardy
Director: Günther Gheeraert
1st AD: Wilfried Vial
2nd AD: Anne-Laure Batut
DoP: Nils Ruinet
Key Light: Antonio Gil
Key Light Assistant: Gwilhem Rosemberg
Movi Camera Operator: Nils Ruinet
Camera Assistant: Maxime Mogette
Steadycamer: Teva Vasseur
Assistant: Clara Direnberger
Talents: Charlotte Bermond / Alissa Ed-Dhimine / Philippe Mamolo
Set Director: Emmanuelle Julienne
Stylist: Sebastien Goepfert
HMC: Harmonie Gallard / Sandy Gallego / Nathalie Frachon
Technical Supervisor: Fabien Rogez / Eric Charansol Cyril Bettinger
Editing: Günther Gheeraert
Colorist: Nils Ruinet
Music: Disney
Post Production: Delapost / Günther Gheeraert / Nils Ruinet / Maxime Mogette
Post Production Manager: Cedric Choppin

Camera: Red Gemini
Lenses: Hawk Anamorphic lenses 2.0 series
Are you Brave Enough?

Are you Brave Enough?



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