| PRJ: giacomo abbà
  CLT: Ogawa Fixed Shibuya
  TYP: product design, graphic design
  YR: 2013
giacomo abbà have designed this bike for the new urban jungle.
This cycles is inspired by the track bike and speed, but focused on design and quality.
OneREBEL is a extreme, simple and elegant bike. Simplicity means reliability and quality design.

The soul of the OneREBEL is aggressive, but on the outside is a rare beauty. The frame is fillet brazed. The smooth welds are strong and stiff and turn the frame's steep angles into one seamless flow.
One speed, one colour, OneREBEL.  Join the fixed gear revolution!
image is courtesy of Ogawa Fixed
image is courtesy of Ogawa Fixed
Technical data:*
- Frame features a carbon fork with a alloy steerer
- Seatpost diameter: 27.2
- Rear Spacing: 120mm
- Tyre clearance: 25c 
- 1 1/8” Threadless Fork
- Rims 42mm aluminium deep with large flange track hub with hollow shaft, japanese sealed bearing.
- Pure track carbon drop handlebar with over-sized cramp(φ31.8) by 3k finish.
* technical data is courtesy of Ogawa Fixed
Ogawa Fixed are a custom fixed gear bike builder providing hand-built cycles made to exacting standards using traditional craftsman's methods and the best of modern materials.
Ogawa Fixed was born in 2013 in Shibuya - Tokyo.