Eduweb pt.1: Process & Course

Eduweb pt.1.

Process & Course.

01. Task:

Some time ago we were asked by Grzegorz Róg from Eduweb to prepare video course about our branding processes and know-how. Kuba Enzowski took on the challenge and began working on the content for the tutorial. During that process we came up with an idea to conduct the whole course on a real brand and take into consideration the conditions of a real commission.

That's how the idea of Eduweb brand refreshment was born. Our main focus was the logo revamp and - later on, the visual identity system. We redefined the whole task and started from the beginning, just like we would start working with new client.

The work was carried out in two ways: 

#1. We proceeded with our creative process taking the regular steps, 
#2. At the same timevKuba was preparing video course material.

1.1. Background:

Eduweb is the biggest polish online e-learning platform dedicated to creative and IT professions. Vibrant and very proactive brand quickly and effectively won the users' sympathies. During its 10 years of activity Eduweb educated thousands of designers. After establishing their leadership in online education in Poland the owner of started thinking about the next steps to further improve the brand and the on-line platform.

02. Process:

Whole project was conducted using Kommunikat's regular procedures. Creative process was also the backbone of the course's content. Basically the process was divided into 3 steps: Creating the Idea, Developing the Form and finally - Standardization of the designs. We started with a thorough briefing, went through a wide designing phase. Then we worked with the client's comments and landed on the final version of the logo.

03. Challenge & Solution:

During the briefing and analyzing phase we singled out a few assumptions on which we planned to base the development of the creative ideas for the final designs:

#1. the play button is a good and well recognizable starting point for the creation
#2. let's keep the red colour as a main tone
#3. there is a need for the use of a wide and flexible identity system
#4. easily adaptable new communication e.g. new applications or technologies
#5. enhancement of the friendly brand personality, while still keeping the professional dimension of the platform

The solution was based on 3 different concepts which present wide spectrum of possibilities. The ideas for concepts emerged during the briefing and brainstorming phase. Beside the logo concept for each proposal we created a number of elements to present brand properly. 

06. Concept A: Pocket

Idea moodboard:

Main logo and variants:

Flexible system concept:

Adaptation to website:

Social media icons:

07. Concept B: Working space

Idea moodboard:

Main logo and variants:

Flexible system concept:
Theme shapes & Icons:

Slogan & Typography treatment:
Working space theme:

Adaptation to website:

Social media icons:

08. Concept C: Play Button

Idea moodboard:

Main logo and variants:

Technology theme and system:

Slogan & Typography treatment:

Social media icons:

09. Course:

The video tutorial is a summary of the whole process.The content was being prepared at the same time as the content was being designed. This way the course simulated the real job as much as possible. Beginning with the basics of the brand design, through legal and organisational matters, up to the briefing phase. The creation process was divided to Creating an Idea and Designing the Logo. Everything was concluded in wide presentation of three individual logo concepts. Last chapter of course is Standardization of the designs and preparing them to hand over to the client.

Course sections: 

#1. Basics
#2. Commission
#3. Creating an Idea
#4. Designing the Logo
#5. Presentation
#6. Standardization

Brand Design Course is now available on

Brand design & Course content:
Kuba Enzo Rutkowski

Graphic design:
Natalia Żerko
Concept B animation:
Adam Rotnicki
Client / Eduweb: 
Grzegorz Róg
Eduweb pt.1: Process & Course

Eduweb pt.1: Process & Course

Case study of rebranding project of Eduweb, polish e-learning platform for Creative nad IT professionals. Project present creative process of dev Read More