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Urban and Landscape Masterplan
Inside Scoop into the Process
The Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary

The project for the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary began academically integrated within the Conservation, Rehabilitation and Restauration and the Project Laboratory VI syllabuses held at the FAUD@ULisboa Master in Architecture. The following propositions were developed exclusively by me within an individualised framework which preceded the team project. These designs along with my colleagues were developed along with the refinement of the strategy itself and were submitted for appreciation to the congregation and even to Pope Francis himself, before the team started the design of the final version.​​​​​​​
Top Image Eastern Facade Plan 
Bottom Image Western Facade Plan
Left Image General Floor Plan  
Right Images Sections
Left Image Cloister Facade Plan of the Cell  
Right Image Longitudinal Section of the Cell and the Greenhouse's Arched Gallery
Left Image Cell Floor Plan  
Right Image Greenhouse Floor Plan
Left Image Exterior Pathways' Cell Facade
Right ImageTransversal Section of the Cell and the Greenhouse's Arched Gallery
Rooftop Plan of the Casilibus' Greenhouse
Top Image Floor Plan of the Casilibus' Greenhouse  
Bottom Image Southern Facade of the Casilibus' Greenhouse
Left Image Construction Details of the Casilibus' Greenhouse (Transversal Section)  
Right Image Outside Perspective of the Casilibus' Greenhouse
Top Image Eastern Facade of the Casilibus  
Middle ImageWestern Facade of the Casilibus
Bottom ImageTransversal Section of the Greenhouse's Water Reservoir and Organic Compost Chamber
Top Left Image Speculative Design Proposition for a Tyre Stabilised Macadem Pervious Road
Top Right Image Adaptation of Swales to the Cork Oak Portuguese Forest System (montado)
Bottom Image Gabion Wall Dam Proposition for the Monastery's Lagoon
Inside Scoop Into the Process


Inside Scoop Into the Process

The project for the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary began academically integrated within the 6th Project Laboratory syllabus held at the FAUD Read More