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How to Fix error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Google Chrome
How to Fix error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Google Chrome
ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED implies that the area name cannot be resolved. DNS (Domain Name System) is in charge of settling areas, and each space on the web has a name server, which make it feasible for the DNS's to determine Domain Names. 
This error on Google Chrome, implies equivalent to above however with a superior comprehension of the issue you will have the option to analyze and fix it. 

By and large, you will see this error when you cannot open a site. The error in fact implies, that the name cannot be resolved. There are different explanations behind this error to spring up; and when all is said in done the error might be an aftereffect of a mis-design on your PC or switch OR it could be an issue with the site you're attempting to visit which might be down. 
The webpage you are attempting to access is your site, and it returns ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED 

When you arrangement a site, you get facilitating with it or you get it from an alternate facilitating supplier. When you get the facilitating, you are given name servers, that ought to be refreshed with the Domain Register. For instance, is enlisted with GoDaddy and facilitated with CloudFlare, Cloudflare, gave us their nameservers, which we've refreshed at GoDaddy. 

Here's a model picture of another site, that is enrolled with GoDaddy however has BlueHost as their facilitating supplier. 

On the off chance that the facilitating was with GoDaddy, at that point I might not have needed to refresh the nameservers, generally GoDaddy does it without anyone else's input. 

So what you have to guarantee is that your name servers are appropriately refreshed, and you are utilizing the nameservers given to you by your facilitating supplier. 
In case you don't know about this, you can check the settings by going to 

On the off chance that simply your site isn't working, and every single other site are you can perceive what the nslookup reports from Command Prompt. 

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. Type cmd and Click OK. 

type nslookup and Press ENTER. 

On the off chance that it doesn't restores a Valid IP Address, or on the off chance that tells that the space doesn't exists, or some other error then you should check with your host. 
The site you are attempting to access is a general site, that is available wherever else yet not simply on your Device 

If so, at that point almost certainly, your ISP's DNS Servers are down, or the DNS settings are not designed appropriately. Google has given Public DNS Servers, with a 99.99% uptime, which you can use to fix the issue. 

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. 

Type ncpa.cpl and Click OK. 

Right Click your Network Adapter and pick Properties, feature/select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and snap Properties. 

Put a mind Use the accompanying DNS Server Addresses and update the two fields with the accompanying locations: 

Snap OK and Test. 


Refreshing Your DNS on a MAC OS X 

On a Mac OS X Click the Apple symbol from the upper left, and pick System Preferences. Snap the Network symbol, and ensure your dynamic connector (ethernet or remote) is chosen, at that point snap Advanced. 

Go to the DNS Tab and snap the + Symbol. Include coming up next DNS's into it and expel others if there were any. 

Clear Google Chrome's Host Cache and Disable Predict system Actions 

Open Chrome and go to Settings, at that point snap Show Advanced Settings. 
Snap Privacy. 

Discover Predict system activities to improve page load execution or utilize an expectation administration to load pages all the more rapidly, and handicap it. 

When done, type chrome://net-internals/#dns in the Address bar and hit the ENTER key. 

Snap Clear Host Cache 

This should resolve the issue.
How to Fix error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Google Chrome

How to Fix error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Google Chrome

The "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" Google Chrome error usually indicates that the domain name cannot be resolved.


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