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When I moved into my apartment this year, it was my first time living off-campus during college. Therefore, I was faced with the problem of cooking meals for myself. It's not like I've never turned on an oven or anything, but my cooking skills were pretty much limited to anything that came in a box. Or banana bread. I can make a mean banana bread. 
So I started using Pinterest and also experimenting with ingredients on my own a little bit to come up with some good meals. My favorite one is a sandwich, which I named "The Kickin' Avocado Sandwich." I found a list of ingredients on Pinterest but there was no recipe. So with some experimentation, I came up with my own. And it is delicious. 
For my very last school assignment, we could do whatever we wanted. So I decided to share my recipe and also try getting my art featured a little more. There's a fabulous site out there called Theydrawandcook.com, which features illustrated recipes. My goal was to create the art and get it on that site! And so I did! You can view it here or take a look below to see and read about my process. 
As always, thanks for looking and don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you love it or me!
This is the final image! After struggling to settle on a theme for a while, I came up with a 50s-60s theme. I was watching a lot of Mad Men at the time (like... 3 episodes a day. It was getting out of hand.) I was trying to think about the type of person who would eat this sandwich and where they would eat it. It's kind of both classy and casual. It would totally be on Panera's menu. There's something about the 50s and 60s that is casual, but it was also a very classy and glamorous time, too. So I thought it was a perfect theme!
The first step was making the graphics for the background. This was actually a lot of fun! I researched different graphic styles of the 50s and 60s and tried to illustrate my food icons in a similar way. The graphics back then were pretty cool! 
Making patterns is both more difficult and more fun than I thought. 
The typography of the 50s-60s is really interesting. I looked at tons of different advertisements. The display fonts varied a lot, but they all have this little touch of cheesiness and kitsch. And the leading (spacing between lines of texts) is also remarkably big for large bodies of copy. In my final art, I tried my best to mimic the text styles of those ads. In the sketch above, I mixed and matched different fonts. I hadn't found the exact fonts I wanted to use, but in my head I already know what style I want, and so I try to find a similar font later that matches what I see in my head. In the final piece, I created the "Avocado" font myself in Illustrator. I just couldn't find a real font that I liked better than my sketch. 
The drawings weren't final at this stage, but I wanted to get a feel for placement and explore different shapes for the green color block. At this point I also added a warm filter and texture to the background to age it a bit. 
A thumbnail of the final illustration! Hopefully you can see some of the texture details. I also added creases to make it look like the recipe was folded at some point. ...Also to make it look well-loved! I added some stars for extra glamor, and colored in the figures. 
The other half! Yes, the pose for my greaser-dude is really cheesy and awkward. But that's all on purpose. This is pretty much my expression when I'm about to eat one of these sandwiches. They're just that good.