A concept city car I have designed to be easier to use by everyone, but particularly older people.
Every Sunday my grandfather would come to our house for lunch and I’d watch him struggle to get out of his car, because he had bad knees.  So I began looking at car designs and how much they can be improved for older people.  I’ve seen 100’s of car concepts on blogs and there seems to be a trend for making them as low and difficult to get in and out of as possible, because low looks fast and fast is cool.  This design is a reaction to that, intended to be a practical, electric city vehicle.
Please watch the video below for the best explanation of features:
The model is 1/3 scale, made mainly from a mixture of scrap plywood, pine and MDF that has then been painted.  A few process shots below...
Having published my car, I have received feedback from various sources.  One of the comments was that the design, whilst trying to be stylistically different, looked dangerous if there was a collision with a member of the public.  In production reality, I think lots of the parts would have softer rads on many of the non tangent edge breaks are no greater than on many cars currently in production.  As the main areas of concern are the front headlamp and rear I think it would be easy to soften these areas, whilst still keeping the essence of the styling as shown below.