40 anos Stock Car
It was a pleasure to develop this project and tell the story of the 40 years of Gm and Stock Car. It was an amazing opportunity to experiment visually and technically.
Thanks WMcCaNN for the opportunity and for the artistic freedom. 
Client: Chevrolet | Agency: Commonwealth / WMcCann | CCO: Hugo Rodrigues and André Marques | Creative Director: Eric Sulzer and Fernando Penteado | Creative: Lucas Trevisani and Lucas Veloso | WMcCann Producers: Rafael Rosi and Nathan Marino
Production Company: Techno Image 
Director: Rafael Ghencev
 Executive Producer: Rodnei Bassani
Producers: Rodnei Bassani and Amanda Queiroz Telles
Art Director: Adriano Zagottis, Marcio Perrella Jr and Rafael Ghencev
Post-production Coordination: Rodnei Bassani and Amanda Queiroz Telles |
Editor/Color : Rafael Ghencev 
3D artists: André Paixão, Yan Blanco, Eris Soares, Edgard Antonio Caliman Oliveira Daniel Dalcomuni
3D Animators: Marcio Perrella Jr, Gabriel Mello, Rafael Ghencev
2D animation: Marcio Perrella Jr, Henrique Lobato
2D artists: Jenny Defensor, Patrícia Sonoda, Marcio Perrella Jr
Audio: Punch | Development: Mariano Alvarez and Jimmy Gressler | Producer: Mariano Alvarez and Cristiano Pinheiro | Account manager: Lili D. Aragoni | Sound Design: Mateus Polati | Locution: Jimmy Gressler | Coordination: Cristiane Oliveira and Karina Coviello
40 years of Stock Car