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    These are the initial sketches for a typeface that I am designing.
My First Typeface
Initial Sketches
As with most children, I used to love to grab a pencil or crayon and put it to paper (or my desk or schoolbooks) and let my mind wander... to the frustration of my teachers. However, a short time ago I had somewhat of a strange realization... instead of monsters or flowers or fighter jets or unicorns (like most inattentive young school kids), I used to draw words and letters and numbers. This realization answered some of my own existential queries as to where my imaginative and creative tendencies arose from...
Some time ago, I had set out to design a typeface...
...based on a 15° angle.
I have completed the foundation for the lowercase set of letters. I'll follow with the UPPERCASE set (which I have begun), move on to the digits, and eventually work my way through the punctuation.
More than likely, I'll tweek and re-think and re-tweek everything over and over and over ad infinitum... because I obsess over such things.
With these latest sketches, I have the foundation for a complete set of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters. Out of the thirty-nine sketched glyphs, thirty-six will be sifted and shuffled into fifty-two characters in total.