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On Air Opening Sequence, Music Clip, Campaign. Promax/BDA Gold Award for Telenovela Promotion.
Opening Sequence
Lolita / Performed by Belinda / Niñas Mal main theme videoclip.
Teaser Campaign
Photo shooting stills:
These gorgeous and sexy girls are looking for their place in the world. They pop bubble gum and drink tequila shots. They paint their nails, don’t brush their hair and cut their uniform skirts into microminis. They’re those kinds of girls who take your car, blow your mind, and break your heart. They’re not so nice. That’s why we love them. 
Niñas Mal (Bad Girls) was the first teen soap opera produced by MTV Latin America. 
PROMAX/BDA 2011 Gold Award Telenovela Promotion
Creative Direction, Art Direction - Juan Frontini, Camilo Barria
Brand Development - Camilo Barria, Luli Collazo
Opening Sequence
Director - Camilo Barria
Assistant Director, Producer - Alejandro Nanton
Cinematography - Diego Poleri
Wardrobe - Jime Labraña
Make Up by Lola
Models - María Lafita, Barbara Ferrari
Executive Producer - Guillermo Pineles
Production Company - INSOMNIA FILMS
Music Clip
Screenplay - Camilo Barria
Directors - Julián Castro, Alejo Rosemberg
Cinematography - Andrés Sanchez
Assistant Director - Sol Aramburu
Executive Producer - Fabián Zayat
Production Company - Gloria Films
On Set Art Directors - Andrea Díaz, Carlos Eduardo Cleves
Photography - El Silencio, Bogotá
Song - LOLITA by Belinda