The Metalearners
The Metalearners is a blog focusing on learning processes, memory techniques, and productivity. Dimitris Gkiokas, the founder of The Metalearners, came to me for a logo that would represent his brand right when he started working on his blog. He wanted a fresh, modern, and versatile logo, but, apart from these guidelines, I was completely free to create, which always helps me produce my best work. The Metalearners is one of my very first projects, and thus has a special meaning for me.
I tried a lot of different concepts and elements for the logo, like brain icons, bulb icons, and a wide range of M monograms, but none of them really clicked. The final logo came out of the blue when, one morning, I woke up, grabbed a pencil, and after just a couple of minutes, I had sketched what later became the actual logo: two triangles creating the M and a circle surrounding them. The color choice was an easy one, because green represents growth, and so was the font, given that Dimitris had a special preference for the Titillium Google font. The Metalearners’ logo was ready!
After the logo was created, The Metalearners also needed a wide range of designs, such as a business card, cheatsheets, website banners, stickers, and it will need a lot more in the (near) future as well. I am very happy that all of these are my designs and that this collaboration is still ongoing. I’m really looking forward to what I will get to create next!

If you want to get a better feeling of the Metalearners’ branding, click here.
The Metalearners