Dare to Change
Dare to Change is a website by James Moffat, who helps people find their true purpose, discover who they are, and create a new life. The website contains a lot of content on finding your purpose, and it also has a lot of featured services that guide people in this special journey. When James got in touch with me, he asked for a powerful and inspiring branding and website to present his vision and project.
After creating a few logo suggestions for James, most of them based on typography, we quickly decided which concept to follow. A plain, yet modern square, with a variation in the weight of the font. As James says, it reminds him of the “out of the box” concept that Dare to Change represents. I followed the same guidelines in the business card, as I tried to keep the design professional, modern, and in sync with the new brand identity that I created.
The most challenging part in this project was the website, because I had to create many pages, each of them with a lot of content to display. My main focus was for the website to have a great flow for the visitor by mixing the large number of elements smoothly. Till now, the website contains six main pages: homepage, about page, 2 sales pages, blog, and contact page. Each and every one of them was developed to be inspiring, powerful, and in accordance to James’ vision. Moreover, in this website I used a lot of smooth animation in order to make the navigation more interesting.
The sales pages were a special part on this project. They are the most important pages on a website, because they practically help convert visitors to paying customers, effectively defining the viability of the business. Therefore, I focused a lot on making them beautiful, powerful, and easy to navigate. Last but not least, I put in a lot of effort to create a fully responsive website that is displayed perfectly in every screen size and orientation.

If you want to get a better feeling of the branding and web design for Dare to Change, click here.
Dare to Change