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HeltiQ. Je echte eerste hulp.

HeltiQ (Royal Utermöhlen) campaigns end 2019 

Strategy and concept: Stephan Pröpper
Creative interpretation, art direction, styling, production: Romy Garnaat
Photography: Petra Steenkamer

HeltiQ has a brand awareness of 5%. It has done its job excellently, in fact since 1880, but hardly anyone who knows it, hardly anyone who knows that it is HeltiQ who has already helped so many people. It was about time that every mother, every Dutch person, knew that if you really need help, you actually only need one brand for your first aid and self-care products, the brand that delivers optimum quality and with which they feel connected.

We started by repositioning the HeltiQ brand. Instead of the sentence "HeltiQ Helpt" we chose "HeltiQ. Je echte eerste hulp."
Maternity care and warts are the first two products for which we are campaigning, fitting the new positioning. The campaign consisted of: Youtube videos, Instagram and Facebook videos, Adwords, Display bannering, Social sponsored posts, Instagram Stories and Instore.

'Kraamverzorging' campaign
Campaign images + Instagram and Facebook posts (sponsored) 
Instagram and Facebook video's (sponsored) 

'Wratten' campaign
Instagram and Facebook posts (sponsored) 
Online and social video's 
HeltiQ truck 
HeltiQ. Je echte eerste hulp.

HeltiQ. Je echte eerste hulp.

HeltiQ. Je echte eerste hulp.