Are rules just for the weak?

The aim of the project was to present the main requirements for equipment safety in a new and unusual way; to provide video content that will make an impression on staff members and make them think about how they observe the rules for equipment safety.

We made an animated film about animals who disregard the three main principles of safety. Nature has given chameleons, monkeys, hedgehogs, tortoises, and many other animals means of protecting themselves. We got to thinking what if the coolest ones were to simply refuse to use them? They find reasons, just like people do: “rules aren’t for cool people”, “a little bit won’t harm”, “it’s not in working hours, so the rules don’t apply”, “I’ll be able to keep it together.” The consequences are tragic. See for yourself.
Client: Evraz Holding
Agency/production: Mercator Group

Idea, script, creative director: Igor Sanin
Account manager, producer: Nikolay Zhunikov
Concept art, characters: Natalia Perepletchikova
Modelling, rigging: Ivan Barmin, Vyacheslav Dudin, Maxim Poklonov, Anton Savin
3D-animation: Ivan Barmin, Igor Shumilov, Vyacheslav Dmitriev
2D-animation: Dmitry Misharin
Music: Edward Gleyzer
SFX: Dan Kosichkin

Are rules just for the weak?