• G-Star
    Global Women's Night 12
  • After the successful collaboration the previous year, G-Star RAW and Momkai launched a new version of the Global Women´s Night website in 2012. G-Star is the denim expert for women and this year´s special night focuses on the Slim Fit range. Women were invited to exclusive events worldwide where staff of denim experts guided and advised them to find their perfect slim fit jean.

    Momkai was asked to create a complete new version of the Global Women´s Night website which provides a seamless cross-platform experience. The newly built site has made it very easy for women around the globe to invite friends, sign up and join this special night.
  • Strategy & concept design
  • G-Star
    Global Women's Night 11
  • When G-Star approached Momkai with their concept for a string of global parties that was to happen in 28 countries within a few days of each other, the official Global Women´s Night website is the experience that came out of it all.

    All in the name of celebrating Women´s Month, interested ladies were able to locate their local party, register their attendance and come back afterwards to see a wall-to-wall interactive gallery showcasing all the hot looks, fashion and outfits of the night. The men, unfortunately, got nothing.