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Architecture Visualization

Year: 2019
Status: Concept
Location: San Francisco, USA
Type of work: Architecture, Interior design

Glad to share with you the concept of the interior and facade of a residence in San Francisco!

In May of this year, a customer wrote to me and asked me to share my views on this project. 
The task was to redesign the house of 146 square meters, which has not been updated since 1950. 
The customer is a young and progressive businessman who works in the gaming industry. 
He asked me to create a laconic and minimalistic space for himself and his family,
which would degenerate his personality and desire for modest beauty. 

Having similar aspirations, I prepared a concept for this project with big pleasure.
Initially, this house had a complicated communication system between floors. 
The house did not even have a safe exit to the garden. 
Based on this, I simplified the transit between the levels and tried to make it as logical as possible by giving to each level its own function. So the top floor is occupied by a master bedroom and a library. 
The upper floor has a kitchen area and living room. 
The main level has a garage and guest bedrooms. The lower level is a nursery. 
And the lowest level is a chilling area with guests, from where access to the garden is organized.
The concept of the kitchen area is based on a combination of white and contrasting wood. The kitchen has a hidden configuration, which allows you to transform this room into a full dining area, where you will not be distracted by the kitchen furniture and can fully enjoy communicating with loved ones.
The only thing the customer wanted to transport from the previous apartment was his Yamaho Piano. Therefore, the heart of the living room is this musical instrument, which is dear to the customer and reveals his creative nature. 
Thanks to the curtains, we can “add” this piano both to the dining area, when we want to play something with the family during dinner, and to the living area. Or you can hide and play something for yourself. 
 The living room has hidden storage areas where you can place a collection of books, toys or alcohol. Here, the design is also built on a combination of form and texture. The main materials are wood, artificial leather and concrete.

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Glad to share with you the concept of the interior and facade of a residence in San Francisco! In May of this year, a customer wrote to me and a Read More
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