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Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich
The Trafalgar Tavern rises gracefully from the River Thames at the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. Designed  by architect Joseph Kay in 1837, it retains the essence of 19th-century Greenwich, when it was frequented by the luminaries of London’s literary, artistic and political circles, and counted among its celebrated patrons Charles Dickens, J.M.W Turner, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, William Gladstone and Tom Cribb and many others.

Its elegant bow windows and canopied balconies, immortalized by James Tissot, are the epitome of Regency taste and present a unique glimpse of authentic seaside architecture in London.
The Tavern is located on Park Row, London, Greenwich, SE10 9NW. A great place to come while walking along Greenwich Promenade:

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Let's take a tour inside, shall we?
The Tavern Bar remains one of London’s most essential public houses. Quite simply a tribute to Old London, a place where the past can live on in the present, The Tavern Bar is open to everybody , in the most democratic style, for drinks, luncheon and dinners.

The menu is classic British pub fare:  traditional fish and chips, homemade burgers, bangers and mash with onion gravy and seasonal dishes alongside our famous Greenwich whitebait.
The selection of cask ales brewed by independent micro-breweries, with a mix of strengths and styles – including stouts/porters, rotates regularly. The Tavern Bar boasts an array of fine wines, cocktails, craft or imported beer & ales and one of the largest selections of premium spirits from all over the world.
Among the visitors you can notice famous artists, politicians, scientists, military and athletes who have ever visited the Tavern. You can also spot some  references to artworks.

For example,  «The Terrace of the Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich» by James Jacques Joseph Tissot:

For smaller events, the Tavern have a gorgeous alternative space — 'The Nile'. Situated on the ground floor, The Nile has  recently been refurbished with wooden floors and glittering chandeliers.   It has its own private entrance  at Crane Street, along with its own bar serving a range of local ales and beers, wines, fine spirits, and cocktails.
The room is tastefully decorated with maritime and Greenwich artwork adorning the walls:

The grandest room in The Trafalgar Tavern, the beautifully restored Nelson Ballroom boasts glittering chandeliers, ornate cornices, and rich wooden floors. Flooded with natural light, the floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the Thames and create the illusion of floating on the river itself.  It represents a perfect combination of classic elegance and contemporary style.

Adjacent to the Nelson Room, the Hawke and Howe Bar,  commemorates two of the most celebrated  18th-century Admirals of the Fleet: Lord Hawke (1705-1781) and Lord Howe (1726-1799). This bar has a wood-burning fireplace and may be used as part of the Nelson Room or as a separate room for smaller gatherings.

Celebrated Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, Nelson’s most loyal serving officer and Captain of HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. Located on the second floor, this versatile room, with an a built-in screen and projector, is available as a private meeting and dining room by day, or as an exclusive dining room by night.

With the feel of a private member’s club, the Hardy Suite features a wood burning fireplace, solid oak dining table, luxurious furnishings and sumptuous lighting.

Perfect for intimate gatherings and celebrations or cocktail and canapé receptions.
Lord Horatio Nelson & Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy enjoying the view on Thames:

Named after Admiral Lord Nelson’s ‘hardest fought battle’ against the Danish Fleet in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen on 2nd April 1801.

The Copenhagen Restaurant provides a refined dining experience and is available for exclusive private hire.
An extraordinary collection of navigation instruments adors the restaurant’s interior:

Cribb's Parlour puts Greenwich, South east London on the map for late night bars. A spacious underground bar serving delicious cocktails and nibbles as well as a great selection of Gin, Whiskies and craft beers.

Ideal for Birthday bookings, cocktails after work, party nights and also available for private hire.
Cribb VS Molineaux:

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All floors perfectly overlap each other. You can look at it endlessly:
In addition to a large cross-section illustration for the Tavern, other illustrations were made showing the beauty of the building and the interior. For example:
Christmas theme with Santa, deers, Christmas tree and frozen Thames:
All of these illustrations are carefully collected on the Trafalgar Tavern website made by Superrb Studio. And it is possible to walk along the floors using interactive navigation:
Illustrations are used in the design of promotional materials... well as posters and signs:
And even in the form of souvenir magnets, stickers and puzzles:
...or as  pictures to hang on the wall:
Everything what your imagination can offer!

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Illustrator: Max Degtyarev (it’s me)
Lettering: Ksenia Erulevich
Manager: Alex Luri
Many thanks to Frank Dowling, Meagan Cavanagh, Kate Rogers, Annabella Zalaf and Dmitry Lavnik for their help, support and the opportunity to make the project.

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Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich


Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich

The incredible cutaway drawing of the Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich.