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    Old age make-up.
Step 1:
-Cover your entire face with foundation. Eyelids included.
-The foundation is supposed to be a shade or a couple of shades darker than your own complexion. 
Step 2:
-Make funny faces to observe your natural wrinkles.
-Cover those wrinkles with a white pasted make-up. The make-up shouldn't actually fill in your wrinkles.
Step 3:
-Take some make-up a shade of two lighter than the make-up you used for your foundation and highlight bold areas such as your cheekbones, jaw-line, upper-lip, chin, nose bridge, and right above your eyebrows.
Step 4:
Find the right match.
-play around with different make-up color combinations to see which one would be best to use as your "shadows."
Step 5:
-Take the color you have chosen and fill in your shadow areas such as your wrinkles, cheeks, under your eyes, temples, etc.
-Blend well.
Finished product!