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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duo Tablet Series
DISCLAIMER: This project has no connection to the Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh! brand. This is purely student work done for a course and was not created for profit or to rival Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh! brand. Done as a student project for the California State University Long Beach Graphic Design BFA program.
Yu-gi-oh! Trading Card Game
DUO Tablet Series Duluxe Playmat
Wind, Earth, & Fire
Front panel of the packaging
Back panel
You can open from the bottom or top of the packaging to open.
Perforation is in the front panel which allows for the consumer to cut through.
Player's are then able to put their deck's in their boxes and draw cards as they please.
This play mat is a deluxe version of the original play mat for a better dueling experience.
Packaging evolution process
Target shelf presence
Toys'R'Us shelf presence
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duo Tablet Series

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duo Tablet Series

Rebranding the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game packaging and making it more sustainable with a new series line of special edition boxes. Sustainabili Read More


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