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    Analysis: A midsummer night’s dream by William Shakespeare is a play that takes place in Athens Greece. This play incorporates the three storie… Read More
    Analysis: A midsummer night’s dream by William Shakespeare is a play that takes place in Athens Greece. This play incorporates the three stories or three different groups including the lovers, the mechanicals, and the fairies. The story begins Hermia pleading with Theseus and her father who wanted her to marry Demetrius. Hermia is in love with Lysander and wants to be with him. Theseus states that she must obey her father or choose to die or become a nun and denounce mean for the remainder of her life. Lysander and Hermia decide to run into the woods to escape the law of Athens. They tell Helena who’s Demetrius’ past lover and is still in love with him. To regain Demetrius’ love, Helena tells him about Lysander and Hermia’s escape into the woods. Demetrius goes after Hermia and Helena follows him. In the woods, the audience is introduced to the mechanics and the fairies. The mechanics are a group of amateur actors who are going to put on a play for Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding. The mechanics meet in the woods to rehearse for the play they’ll be putting on. Bottom, one of the mechanics, is focused on the most since he is given the head of an ass by a fairy named Robin Goodfellow. Robin Goodfellow, as known as Puck, is one of Oberon’s followers. Oberon is the fairy king. Oberon appears to ask Titania, the Queen of the fairies, to give him the child changeling that she has. When Titania refuses, Oberon devises a plan to have Titania fall in love with a hideous beast using the juice of a flower that can be thought of as a love potion. This love potion greater problems than Oberon could have imagined. Titania does fall in love with a beast, Bottom, due to the potion but when Oberon takes pity on the human’s love affair, things become a bit messy. Oberon orders Puck to drop the potion into Demetrius’ eyes so that Helena’s love may be fulfilled. Puck gets the human men confused and gives the potion to Lysander who falls in love with Helena and renounces her love for Hermia. In an attempt to set things right, Puck gives Demetrius the potion as well and he also falls in love with Helena. Now, both men are in love with Helena and Hermia is left confused, broken-hearted, and angry. Helena thinks that all of them are making a sport of taunting her and doesn’t believe that neither man is in love with her. In the end, Puck and Oberon set things right and each lover is with the one they truly love. Oberon takes the spell off of Titania who can’t fathom the possibility of her loving a beast. And Bottom is returned to normal believing it was all a dream. Everyone ends up at the wedding celebration of Theseus and Hippolyta and everything is well. Concept: When: Modern Times Where: The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil For this play, I imagine Titania and her fairy followers to be from the amazon rainforest in Brazil, which is where I have decided for the story to take place. I imagined Oberon and his fairy followers, such as Robin Goodfellow, to be from a Southeast Asian Rainforest in Asia. This made sense to me since Titania asks Oberon why he came all the way to the amazon from “the Steppe of India.” I imagined Titania as a very dignified and beautiful fairy queen admired by all other fairies. Since she has a dignified character I imagine her followers being very serious in serving her and making sure she’s satisfied. All of her fairy followers are very colorful with different skin pigments and textures to represent the rainforest they live in and the creatures they live with. I want Oberon and Puck to be similar but at the same time the complete opposite of Titania and her fairies. I imagine Oberon as being prideful and well-looking King who isn’t as serious as Titania. I want his costume to represent his stature, but not like it will Titania’s. With Titania’s costume, it’ll be evident that she is a Queen while with Oberon’s he could be a wild prince, king, or duke. His followers enjoy serving him and desire to please him but won’t hesitate to please themselves and play around with their magic to their hearts content. This thinking helped me with Puck’s character. I imagined Puck as being this very mischievous character, much like a joker. He desires to please Oberon but he also plays around quite a bit and does as he pleases. In the play, he seems to be very famous in the fairy world as a trickster. I want his costume to resemble a joker. Oberon’s whole reason for appearing was for the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta and the changeling child. While reading the script, I felt as if fairy king and queen had fallen in love with a human like gods and goddesses would sometimes fall for a human in other mythology stories. Oberon had feelings of admiration or love for Hippolyta while Titania felt them towards Theseus. I decided to incorporate this into my concept. Each fairy loved their human from afar, but tried to keep other women or men away. But they decided to give Theseus and Hippolyta their blessing since their love for their human being was unrequited. I got this idea from the script when Oberon and Titania have their first conversation in the play. I also felt that the fairies in this play took love very lightly which makes sense since neither fairy attempted to fulfill their love. Oberon also wants the changeling child but Titania refuses him. This is when Oberon decides to play his little game with the “love potion” flower. He only takes the spell off of her when she finally gives him the child. The theme of this play seems to be love and how fickle, painful, yet just it can be. The audience watch in frustration as lover goes from lover and Titania relishes in a false love. During the play hearts are confused, broken, and angry, but in the end each person is with whom they truly love and everyone’s love is fulfilled. Read Less
Note: her skin is actually a lavender color. I just wasn't able to take a picture of it.
Robin Goodfellow aka Puck