ZigZag is a project for yachting enthusiasts in Saint Petersburg.

Our brief was to assist with the launch of a sailing club: coming up with a name, developing a corporate style, and setting up a website in time for the start of the season, with a total of two months to complete these objectives.

The Сlub

There’s a myth that sailing is just for rich people. The aim of our work with ZigZag was to show that this isn’t the case, by opening an accessible sailing club and popularizing yachting. 

Existing yacht clubs in St. Petersburg have a problem: a meagre sailing fleet consisting of old boats that are designed for serious sporting competitions.  

Zigzag is the first sailing club in St. Petersburg with its own fleet of yachts. The yachts are built in the St. Petersburg area. The vessels are J/70s, a class of international sporting yacht.


When a vessel is sailing downwind, it goes straight; when a vessel is sailing into the wind, it tacks at an angle. The way the boat moves when tacking is reminiscent of a zigzag – hence the club’s name.

The name ZigZag is clear and concise, like a captain’s command. 

Visual Identification Concept

We developed the name in tandem with the key identifier. For this, we chose a line in the form of a zigzag. This adaptable device can be easily placed on any object, from a business card, to a buoy, to a yacht sail.

For the key colour we selected a rich red, charged with the aggression that racing demands. This choice was no accident: the vivid red makes ZigZag stand out from its competitors, both on the sailing sports market and at sea.


A bold and expressive logo inspired by regattas and speed works in harmony with the colourful and visually arresting company style. 

In creating the logo, we focused on conveying the speed and drive that characterize sailing.


Digits are one of the key elements of the brand identity. We drew them by hand, ensuring their shapes matched the logo. Now they can be read perfectly clearly from afar: the digits 3 and 8 are impossible to confuse, even far out at sea.


The principal medium for the yachting club’s corporate style is, of course, the gennaker, the yacht’s large front sail.

In creating the gennaker, we took the technicalities of sail production into account, being sure to minimize the amount of glueing required in order to maintain the sail’s aerodynamicity.


The sailing season was almost upon us. In order to launch on time, we created the club website using Tilda.

Producer — Platon Kultin
Art Director and Namer — Pavel Konyukov
Designers — Kirill Zharkoy and Anastasia Bazylnikova
Web Designer — Sergey Ivanov
Photographs — Aleksey Neshitov