An exploration of balance in different forms. 

By positioning our graphical characters in realistic settings we create an almost confusing image. Something that at first glance might look like a photo shoot is given a new and unlikely dimension by introducing a stylised character.
The characters are the main focal point of the image, but exist in equilibrium with their raw surroundings. We took inspiration from brutalist architecture and gave an imperfect finish to the brickwork. We imagine each image in the series is taken in a different part of the same building.
To stress the main idea of the balance between the characters and their surroundings, we gave them abstract positions with which to interact with each other. They create unusual lines which make the eye travel to focus on different details.
Given the abstract nature of the series and the particular focus on the balance between the graphical and the realistic, we wanted the characters to feel as elevated and powerful as their surroundings. This is reflected in the choice of more unusual and high fashion clothing. We could imagine the characters as works of art in a gallery space, given the same status as fashion and architecture.
By introducing abstract shapes we further accentuate the feeling of balance in the images. They sit among the characters almost reflecting their positions.