How The Harry & The Hendersons Poster Was Created:
I began this project by watching one of my favorite childhood movies, Harry & The Hendersons. After reviewing the plot and the key points, I took a screenshot of Harry offering roses to the Hendersons daughter as a gesture of friendship. I then created a vector stylized version of the beloved sasquatch based on that photo. The movie takes place in Seattle, so a perfect solution for the design was to draw the Seattle skyline and use it to obscure the bottom of Harry. I then added some details including the text and some pressure brush strokes to emphasize how furry Harry is. Once I was happy with the vector comp, I took the entire thing into Photoshop where I selectively added textures to give the poster a bit more interest and depth.

Why I Created The Harry & The Hendersons Poster:
This is one of the rare childhood movies that I can still enjoy as an adult. But really, who can’t enjoy a movie that features a lovable Sasquatch and John Lithgow? Okay, okay I know, this film might be a little too cheesy for some of you, but for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy my version of the Harry and the Hendersons movie poster.