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    Role: Experience and Visual Design Lead
AIM First Time User Experience flow and design
Users were not able to populate their buddy list with friends upon inital download. They had to individually go into the friend finder tool and search for friends by a known name/username. People needed to be able to find and connect with their friends in order to chat more. 
The product lead and I knew that the best way to get users to find as many of the friends as they possibly could was leveraging Facebook. This led us to create a simple interface that showed the users two easy to understand choices in priority order of use: find friends from Facebook or find friends from your other networks. 
Over half of users who downloaded the new version of the AIM client went through the buddy list builder in order to populate their buddy list with friends — Facebook did indeed turn out to be the most popular method for doing so. 
Visual Design For AIM.com Homepage
AIM needed a visual refresh in order to support a new, cleaner version of the AIM client. 
A bolder design that embraced the new look of the client and showcased the new mobile app.
Facebook Connect Login Flow
AIM Desktop Client Redesign Wires: Concepts for a more engaging interface