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    Role: Experience Lead with high fidelity visual UI
There was no iPad app for AOL.com — only a mobile web experience. We wanted to deliver to them the most engaging and relevant content on and iPad. Users of all demographics each see the same content, which they may or may not be interested in. 
In talking to users, the product and design team discovered that they want timely and relevant content. Some users wanted to stay up-to-date on top entertainment stories, which others wanted to stay up-to-date on the latest sports happenings. An experience was created that delivers content based on user profiling as well as the ability to archive and favorite great articles and assets. 
An experience that organizes content based on your interestes, preferences, and tap behavior. Top stories for you are delivered largest, while for others they may be delivered in a smaller format. The app learns more about you over time as you interact with it. Users can also save and archive content for future reference or sharing with friends.