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Three branding concepts for a global frequent hotel guest loyalty program for the Regent, Radisson, Country Inns & Suites, Park Plaza and Park Inn hotels. 
Concept 1: 
>  vivendi, personal lifestyle, way of life
>  operandi, personal way of working
>  your modus, your manner
creative approach:
>  emphasize the person in personal and show how program members are engaged
    with the program, feel a part of the program.
>  modus is a manner for living and operating, so this concept embraces that active
    nature and personal interaction.
>  energetic, witty, intimate, contemporary
>  creates dialogue and focuses on human connection
>  tone: conversational, inviting, genuine

Brand Identity
GRAPHIS LOGO international gold award, published in volume 7
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Concept 2: 

creative approach:
>  create a brand identity that goes beyond  a typical logo mark
>  inject strong "welcoming/hospitable" tone into design
>  mindful of global sensibility
>  elevate value of program and enrich perception with sophistication
>  set a comprehensive visual direction, tightly interweaving the new name and
    brand mark with the creative campaign

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Concept 3:
stay rewards:
>  benefit of being a guest
>  invitation to experience our hotels
creative concept:
>  emphasize experience of when you stay with our hotels
>  demonstrate how your rewards add up when staying with us
>  contemporary, stylish
>  tone: fun, warm, relevant, natural

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