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    © Isabel Jimenez 2013. These images may not be reproduced in full or in part through any medium without prior permission.
Cell Therapy and Myelin Sheath Regeneration
I was recently asked to illustrate two figures for inclusion in a book chapter on regenerative stem cell therapy, in order to convey the functionality of the myelin sheath in quickening transmission of action potentials along the axon, and the different cell types that contribute to formation of these sheaths.
Figure 1
I began with a sketch of the oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells creating myelin sheaths in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, respectively.  I decided to show the axons and sheaths in perspective to more easily facilitate cutting out a section to show the layers of myelin inside.
Figure 2
The layout of figure 2 required more thought - I wanted to make clear the origin of each cell type that could be used in the cell therapy.  I eventually settled on a different layout than in the concept with which I was presented.  Figure 2 is still in progress, as text labels have not been added.