How The Green Man Poster Was Created:
First, I took some screen shots from the Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode “The Gang Gets Invincible” of Charlie dancing in his green man get-up. Once I had a series of images to work from, I began creating stylized illustrations of each of the images with Adobe Illustrator and a pressure sensitive brush. After I had the basic illustrations created I then played around with the colors until I was happy with the overall illustration style/look. I then finalized my composition and imported the illustrations into Photoshop where I added textures.
Why I Created The Green Man Poster:
I’ve been a fan the comedy show, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, for quite a few years now. One of my favorite episodes from the series is “The Gang Get’s Invincible”. During this episode Danny Devito’s character “Frank Reynolds” tricks Charlie Day’s character “Charlie Kelly” into taking LSD. Charlie Kelly proceeds to dress up in a full body Green Man suit and dance around. The Green Man character was an instant hit for the show and has now become iconic among fans of the show.
About It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
The TV show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphi, first aired in 2005 of FX. The show was created, developed, and produced by Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, who also star in the show. After the second season Danny Devito joined the cast as “Frank Reynolds”. The show continues to release new episodes every fall and is in my opinion one of the most original comedies on TV.
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