Sabaton — BISMARCK
“Sabaton - Bismarck” is a music video that illustrates one of the most known naval battles of WWII. Although there are plenty of movies and documentaries about the Hunt for the Bismarck, we chose to create the first CGI video that shows the crucial battle moments in a spectacular way. This short movie is The Sabaton and Wargaming tribute to all fallen sailors of WWII.​​​​​​​

The idea was to create a story dedicated to all the sailors who fought in The Battle of the Atlantic without picking sides. We produced the music video that recreates the Hunt for the Bismarck with 3D models straight out of World of Warships and made it historically accurate to its last breath.
Our best bet was to create historically accurate content with high production value and compelling story that would excite both World of Warships and Sabaton fans and help us get exposure without spending a penny on promotion.

To tell our story we used a combination of actual 3D models from World of Warships game, real footage with actors, advanced VFX and band performance.

The video was aired on the 22nd of April both on Sabaton's official Youtube channel/social media and on World of Warships' Youtube channels/social media.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Thank to everyone who was involved and made it possible
Director | Matthias Hoene
Dop | Muko Tirmik

Drivers side
Slava Makarov | Product Director WoT
Levon Grigoryan | WoWS Product Director

The Agency of Wargaming:
Nona Sisakyan | Creative Producer/Project Manager
Sandro Gelashvili | Creative Director
Viktor Shakun | Art Director
Nikita Sidorenko | Screenwriter
Yauheni Sukhavei | Sound Designer
Vasiliy Knyazev | Outsource Manager

World of Warships team:
Konstantin Kozyuryonok  | Historical and Archive Research Team Lead
Vladimir Gremitskiy  | Head of Art Department
Valeria Tsigankova | Global Content Producer
Egor Vashchekin | Content Asset Specialist

VFX (CG, Motion design, color grading):
Andrey Bogdanovich | VFX Supervisor
Dmitry Lutsko | Video Art Director
Andrey Liustsiber | Layout/Lighting/Rendering 
Aleksey Kozyrev | Layout/Lighting/Rendering 
Dmitry  Golovach | Animation/Color Grading
Konstantin Nalobin | Crowd/Animation/Compositing
Aleksandr Antoshuk | RnD/FX/Compositing
Dmitry Popok | FX
Nikolay Skolkov | FX
Ilya Klishin | Modeling/Texturing/Shading/FX
Dmitry Udovenko | Modeling/Texturing/Shading
Konstantin Brailov | Onset Supervising/Compositing
Oleg Patonich | Onset Supervising/Compositing
Aliaksandr Krysko | Compositing
Siarhei Autushenka | CG artist
Sabaton — BISMARCK
Multiple Owners
Playsense Agency